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Talking to the Moon

Sex After Kids

I was lucky enough to attend a screening of the film Sex After Kids at the Royal House Theater on January 11th along with the film’s director, producer, many of the cast and crew, contributors, and fans. To be fair it was a film friendly audience, but also in the crowd were a few who went in with no investment in the movie at all and from them I found they had the same reaction as did the fans: it was hilarious.

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The Returned

The Returned differs from other ‘zombie flicks’ as it is neither post-apocalyptic nor does it seem to use science or scientific experimentation as the cause for the outbreak. It is filled with hope that science would eventually save the day & it uses the idea of being “returned” as allegory for any disease with the potential to harm others. Does being a victim of a chance infection really make someone not as valuable as someone else? And who gets to decide who has value and who doesn’t?

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