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Talking to the Moon

In 2004 I started a blog called "Talking to the Moon" with the theory that once an object was in motion it would stay in motion and it would instill a daily practice of writing. That... did not happen. 

But I'm nothing if not tenacious and I still wanted a single place for all my drabbles and musings. This is it. 

Mostly I rant, (or rave, but not nearly as much as I wish I could), about TV shows. Sometimes movies. The fact is I love stories like I love breathing and when I see them done well, I have to share. But if I see them done badly, I feel personally insulted and a compulsive need to "fix it".  

Occasionally I complain about life.  More so lately.  Have you seen what's been going on? 

I don't like zombies, and yet I have a few entries in Haiku of the Living Dead.

My vices include chocolate, speeding, and extra long hot showers. I will sky dive but not bungee jump. I love my cat but sometimes, oh sometimes I really don't like him. The only thing I'm ever early for is a movie.

According to a book on meditation I once read I have a "monkey brain." Whatever.